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Special Upcoming Events

Wat Phrasriratanamahadhatu invites everyone to make merits by offering food and other essentials to monks on these following special days:

2015 Events and Festivals

  • Activity on Sunday October 25th - End of Buddhist Lent day
  • Activity on Sunday November - Kathina
  • Activity on Sunday December - Father's day
  • Activity on Thursday December 31st - New Year's Eve day
  • Activity on Friday January 1st - New Year day

On every Saturday and Sunday Dhamma talks and discussions are arranged for those interested in learning more about Buddhism and its philosophy. The provision of aids and facilities for people in performing religious rites and holding merit making is available. Other activities include Dhamma book service and the distribution of free Dhamma tapes. A monthly journal or booklet, called Dharma ThassanaE is also published and distributed free also of charge.

Wat Phrasriratnanamahadhatu encourages everyone who interest in learning Buddhist practices and principles by participate dhamma teaching and services on these following days:



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