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Volunteer Hearts Organization

As you know, most of the Temples upkeep and maintenance are possible through volunteers. For each special event, we are always looking for volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Event planning
  • Web master
  • Temple event flyers, newsletter coordinator
  • Photographer -Taking Photographs of the Festivals held at the Temple
  • VDO Recorder - Taking vodeos of the Festivals held at the Temple
  • Housekeeping duties, Cleaning dishes, and Cooking
  • The library corner and books donation program
  • Parking Service

Join us now! Its very easy. Just fill-out the membership form at the donation desk. Give your name and e-mail address. Temple will inform you regarding the special events and volunteer needs via e-mail.

When you are ready to volunteer, put on our Volunteer Hearts yellow aprons which are hung near the kitchen and you may begin! You can help us with cleaning, arranging tables and chairs, mopping floor, etc. Thank you for your help. We appreciate your time and hard work.